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How To Make Money From TikTok

How To Make Money From TikTok
How To Make Money From TikTok or TikTok

  If you are using the internet, you must have already heard the name of or TikTok and you may have seen some of its videos on YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp.

  Now Tik tok's videos are trending in trends and many people, especially young generation, are using it. The popularity of this aap can be expected that more than 100 million downloads have been downloaded from the Playstore so far.

  Do you know that you can earn a lot of money, if not you should read my post.
  But first of all you have to understand the basic of what is TikTok and how to create video on it.
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What is TikTok

  TikTok is a short video making application, where you can entertain others by making lip-sink music videos, dialogs, comedy videos. Through this app you can upload videos by making videos from 3 to 15 second.

  TikTok's first name was and recently its name has been changed. Actually a Chinese company "Douyin" has bought and merged it with its Aap and named it TikTok.

  Inside of this application, you will find a lot of songs and dialogs, by which you can create good video from mobile and there is also an option of editing on it.

  Its videos are quite small and entertaining, so this has become very popular in the world soon. Like YouTube, you can make more followers by uploading nice funny videos on Tik tok and earn money from here too.

How to create a video on TicTok

  Like the second application, you have to make the first account to use TikTok, so if you are an Android user then you can download from the Play Store and from the iOS users App Store.

  To create your profile on TikTok, first open aap and you can sign up with your Gmail, phone number or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram id too.

  Making video on TikTok is quite easy. All you have to do is choose music from here and make good videos such as entertaining people.
How To Make Money From TikTok

How to make money from TicTok

  Now we talk about our main issue which is how we earn money from TikTok?

  On TikTok, you only have to make 15 second video. For this, you will take a maximum of half an hour and if you can make money by making videos for such a short time then it is very good for you.

  So let's know which are the methods so that you can earn money from this TikTok aap.

  . Live streaming

  This is the basic way of earning, you can earn money by earning emojis. TikTok has the option of Live Stream which you can find after having 1000 fans. So as you live, your fans send you emoji. These emojis have to buy your fans and you get some coins for every emoji, so you can make money by redee it.

  . Contest

  There are lots of competition going on in it, if you participate in those Contests and your video goes to trending or gets selected, here you can win prizes such as $ 100, $ 1000 coupons, iPhone and such Lots accessories.

  . Sponsorship

  Like Youtube, you can also earn money from sponsorships. As soon as you have a lot of fans, brands and companies will contact you for sponsorship and you can negotiate with them to make a good amount of money.

  Like other plateforms, to be popular in Tik tok, you have to create good quality and entertaining videos and it will have to be consistent, only then can you think of earning money from it.

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