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What is android root

What is android root
What is android root

  hello Friends what is android root, as we all know that android is a very popular operating system (OS) that Google has created. In today's time, about 65% people use Android. This OS is a Linux based operating system, which is an open source operating system that is used mostly for development, hacking. Android has been built on the same Linux platform but there are a lot of limitations in it that we can not use without root the device. If you want to know that Android Root has some kind of benefits or loose, then read this post so that you will know what is root and what its advantages and disadvantages are.

What is root

  Whenever we buy a new android smartphone, then there is a lot of restriction that we can not use. We can use all the same in the device, which has been allowed by us. If we root our device, then we can do anything in our Android phone like if your device is not root then we can not uninstall preinstall apps and change the font of your phone. Can not change the device ID of your device. There are many apps that we can not use without rooted in the device and there is a lot of work whose permissions do not give us mobile companies that we can use by root our Android phone i.e. We can do all the work which we do not get permission from the company.

advantages and disadvantages of root

  Friends, now you know what is android root? But it is very important to know about its advantages and disadvantages, because if there is a benefit of something, then there is also some loss from it. So that we first talk about its benefits and then talk about its losses.

Benefits of android root 

  Now you know what is the android root? And rooting of android phone has many advantages. That's why everyone wants to know about Android root. And before root your device you have  to know advantage of android root. At the bottom we have told some advantage of android root, so that you will know what is the advantage of android root.

1. Install Incompatible apps:

  Friends, we know that there are some apps that ask us for root permission, if we have not rooted our device, we will not be able to use those apps.

2. Increase Performance And Battery Life: 

  If we root our device, we can increase the performance of that device and increase battery life too. Like our phone has many such apps which run in the background and we do not use any of it. If we root our device, then we can stop it. Which gives us more performance and battery life of our phone.

3. Unistall system apps: 

   Friends, as we know, there are many apps in our phone, which we do not use anymore and they degrade our phone's performance. If we root our device then we can also uninstall those apps.

4. Customization:

  We can do anything in our phone like install any version of android, change the icon, change the notification bar, change the font and we can increase the Ram of our phone too. .
What is android root

Disadvantages of android root 

  Friends, now we know what is android root , and what are its benefits. But there are lots of losses that you need to know before you root your device.

1. It can dead your phone:

  The first and most significant loss to root android phone is that if your device is not  properly rooted or rooted in any type of error, then our phone will dead. After which it is very difficult to fix our phone.

2. Warranty of device:

  If you root your device, then the warranty of our device is terminated.

3. Security Loss:

  If you root your phone, then all types of security is eliminated and your phone can  be hacked.
  Friends, there are more disadvantages like this, that can happen if we root our device.
  Friends, i hope you have got to know that what is the root of Android and what are advantages and disadvantages of root.

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