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Google Admob

Google Abmob
Google Admob

What is Google Admob

friends Do you want to know what is admob and how to earn money from admob, these posts can be very helpful for you. Because in this post we are going to tell about admob in details, such as what is admob and how to earn money from admob and how to make admob account. Where and how we can generate income by utilizing AdMob and much more can be found in this post, so let us know about Admob in detail.

How works Admob 

First of all, the question in our mind is that what is admob, I would like to tell you that admob is also one of the online advertising companies of google. This company shows its ad on android apps and ios. If you are an android user, then you can see, when you use an app, then sometimes the ad comes in, that ad is seen only by admob and it works connecting by google adsense. But its earning is more than adsanse. It was created by Omar Hamoui in April 2006 and its official website is

How to earn money from Admob

As we all know that the use of AdSense we do to make money by monetizing Website / Blog and YouTube video. Similarly, we use AdMob to monetize Mobile Apps and earn money from an App made by  yourself. Today, Google AdMob is the world's most popular mobile ads network, and most developers use it to earn money online. When we monetize our apps from the AdMob Ad network, then the ads on our App begin to show and whenever anyone will use our App from the App Store or Google Play Store and if anyone sees our Ad, then we Get her money.

How to creat an account in Admob

To create an Admob account, at first you have to go to its official website and click on the signup button at the top on right side and use your gmail account to create an account here. When you are creating your Admob, you also have to enter your full address and mobile number. Within 1 to 2 hours of doing all this, your AdMob account becomes successfully active and now you have to create an ad unit in your admob account and put that ad unit in your android apps. After that ads appear on your android apps and your earnings will start.
Google Admob

  In this way you can earn money from your Admob. If you use Admob correctly, it can give you very good earnings.

  So friends, I hope you have fully understood what is Admob and how you can earn money from it.

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