Thursday, February 21, 2019

how to save phone battery

how to save phone battery

how to save phone battery

how to save phone battery

  how to save phone battery

 Friends, today we are going to tell you how to increase the battery life of your mobile. Battery has a big role in mobile So friends should take care of the mobile as much as you care about the mobile battery. We also make some mistakes inadvertently, which damages the battery of mobile and some deliberate mistakes we also make. So friends, today we are going to tell you what you should and should not do with mobile.

   Do not completely discharge your mobile battery

The worst mistake is that, after completely discharge our mobile battery we are charging. Friends do not use your batteries until completely discharged. It should be done once in a month, but if you do this on a daily basis, it is very effective on the battery. And friends never charge your battery power100% at all. It should be done once in a month. Charge your batteries before charging less than 15% of your battery And exit the charge before going above 95%. This will increase the battery life of your battery and will not be able to quickly damage the battery.

   Never leave the mobile in charg overnight.

 Some people make that mistake, raatwhole night put on charging and sleep away. Friends, this increases the chances of getting the battery damage faster. Fast charger is now available with mobile so If you are still using a fast charger, Keep in mind that you should never leave overnight in charge. This mistake can damage your mobile battery quickly.

   Never use mobile in charging.

Many people have this Habit that they are playing the game by charging the mobile in charging. This mistake can damage the battery very quickly. By charging when you use your mobile, you will notice that the mobile gets hot. When the mobile is hot enough, there is a direct effect on the battery and the chances of battery damage are also high.

   don't cover your mobile while charging

  If you have any cover on your mobile such back cover or flip cover then you should remove that cover while charging  your mobile. If you don't remove that cover then you notice the mobile feel very hot. Whenever your mobile is hot, then your battery is damaged. Therefore, mobile should be kept open while charging.

   charge your mobile by your original charger 

some time we are cgarging our mobile by other mobiles charger, but this is wrong. Every mobile's output is different type of power, that's why different type of charger can damage your battery life.

    don't let run any aap in background 

Friends do not allow those applications to run in the background which you do not use repeatedly. After using any application, many people go out by pressing the Home button. That's why that apps are running on background . You can close the applications that you do not need anymore by going into settings. Especially keep in mind the third party applications that runs in the background and damages your mobile battery.
how to save phone battery

how to save phone battery

  So friends take care of your batteries like this and run your battery for a long time. And stay safe.
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